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Ford's Flex Fuel Farce

Important Consumer Alert!

October 12, 2006

Public Citizen and a Nebraska corn farmer today demanded the federal government take action on Ford Motor Company’s misleading claims about vehicles that are supposed to operate on ethanol-based fuel in addition to gasoline — misleading claims that have allowed the automaker to avoid as much as $135 million in fines for failing to comply with federal fuel economy standards.

Truth in Advertising Complaints with Federal Trade Commission

(10/12/06) Public Citizen to FTC: TRUTH IN ADVERTISING COMPLAINT – Ford’s Flex Fuel Farce

(10/12/06) Consumer to FTC: TRUTH IN ADVERTISING COMPLAINT – Ford’s Flex Fuel Farce

Petition for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to Fine Ford for CAFE Failure

(10/12/06) Public Citizen to NHTSA: Petition for Enforcement Proceeding to Remove FFV Credits Falsely Claimed by Ford for Vehicles that in Fact Do Not Operate as FFV Vehicles

Truth in Advertising Complaint with the Nebraska Attorney General

(10/12/06) Consumer to Nebraska Attorney General: Ford Advertised its Taurus Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) as a Dual Fuel Vehicle, but it Only Runs Properly on Gasoline

Consumer Complaint to the Ford Motor Company about Ford's Flex Fuel Farce

(10/12/06) Consumer to Ford Motor Company: Second Demand for Refund of Purchase Price or Replacement Vehicle for Model Year 2005 Taurus Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV)

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