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Information & Science

Information is an important driver of regulatory policy:

  • Data can help determine the direction that a new protective standard will take or point the way to unmet needs crying out for safeguards.
  • Information can give the public what it needs to make its own choices.
  • Evaluation, feedback, and information supplied by the public can inform the government about the effectiveness of its standards.

Because of its importance, information and science policy has become a battleground in the war against regulatory protections:

  • The government’s very ability to collect information or require corporations to provide information to the public has been curtailed by the Paperwork Reduction Act.
  • Science has been politicized by an aggressive corporate campaign to manufacture uncertainty.
  • The government’s ability to produce and distribute information is being burdened by government-wide policies such as the Data Quality Act, OMB peer review guidelines, and proposals to burden guidance and risk assessments.


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