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Latest Updates 

White House to defend request for slush fund (3/3/08)

U.S., European consumers oppose move for more regulatory process burdens (2/29/08)

A Look Back: Bush and cronies used 2007 for more destructive regulatory deform

Executive order codifies controversial Bush performance appraisal process (11/14/07)

OMB Continues to Push Agencies on Risk Assessment (9/19/07)

Recess Appointment for Dudley Puts Public at Risk: New Regulatory Czar Is an Enemy to Basic Government Safeguards (4/4/07)

NEW: Fact Sheets About the Latest White House Power Grab (2/9/07)

New Executive Order Is Latest White House Power Grab: Will Give Radical Nominee Dudley More Power to Put Public at Risk (1/18/07)

Experts Agree That White House Proposal on Risk Assessment Is Deeply Flawed and Should Be Withdrawn (1/11/07)

White House Pursuit of Extremist to Be Nation's Regulatory Czar Is Insult to Congress, Public (1/9/07)

Dudley Nomination Fails to Advance in Senate (12/7/06)

100 Groups Oppose Dudley Nomination

Public Citizen to Congress: Don’t Give Businesses a Free Pass on Paperwork Reporting Requirements

White House Names Industry-Funded Radical as Reg Czar

Public Citizen and OMB Watch Comment on White House Risk Bulletin

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