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BREAKING:  Surprise move: Bush resubmits Dudley nomination

Backdoor to Power

Susan Dudley Recess Appointment

Learn more:  re-cap of the controversy

Learn more: in-depth report

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Latest Updates

Recess Appointment for Dudley Puts Public at Risk: New Regulatory Czar Is an Enemy to Basic Government Safeguards (4/4/07)

White House Pursuit of Extremist to Be Nation's Regulatory Czar Is Insult to Congress, Public (1/9/07)

Dudley Nomination Fails to Advance in Senate (12/7/06)

Public Citizen and Coalition Tell Senate Committee: Reject Dudley Nomination (11/15/06)

Public Citizen Calls on White House to Withdraw Dudley Nomination (11/13/06)

100 Public Interest Groups Nationwide Oppose Dudley (PDF) (11/3/06)

Susan Dudley Unfit to Head Regulatory Agency, Public Interest Groups Say (9/12/06)

Susan Dudley Is Unfit to Be Nation’s Next Regulatory Czar: Statement of Joan Claybrook (9/12/06)

With Hearing Possible on Extremist Nominee for Regulatory Czar, Opponents Gear Up for FightOMB Watch (8/22/06)

Dudley Materials Reappear on Mercatus Website OMB Watch (8/22/06)

Bush Nominates Anti-Regulatory Zealot to Head Regulatory PolicyOMB Watch (8/8/06)

Public Citizen Opposes Nomination of Susan Dudley to Nation’s Top Regulatory Oversight Position at OMB: Statement of Joan Claybrook (8/1/06)

White House Appoints Industry-Backed Extremist as Regulatory Czar: Statement of Robert Shull     - OMB Watch (7/31/06)

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