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Rulemaking by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the agency within the Department of Transportation that is responsible for establishing and enforcing safety standards for passenger vehicles.

During the rulemaking process, the NHTSA posts rules under contemplation by the agency in a public, online docket. Anyone can comment to the docket through this on-line interface. Public Citizen comments on multiple rulemakings each year (our comments are listed below, sorted by subject).

If you are interested in looking at or commenting to NHTSA's public docket, click here.  Below is a list of the docket numbers for rules Public Citizen has commented to or is monitoring (most of these rules are mentioned elsewhere on our website).  If you are interested in looking at additional rules, you can search for specific terms or use the "advanced search" engine.

Side Impact Protection Upgrade:  17694
Reduced Stopping Distance Requirements forTruck Tractors:  21462
Early Warning Database:  8677
Fuel Economy Standards for Light Trucks:  11419
Electronic Stability Control (ESC):  25801
Electronic on-board Recorders (EOBRs):  18940
Cross-Border Trucks:  28055
Door Locks and Door Retention Components:  23882
NHTSA Report on Rollover Prevention:  14622
NHTSA Report on Vehicle Compatibility:  14623
Rear Convex Cross-View Mirrors:  19239
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems:  8572
2005 Roof Crush Resistance Standard:  22143

Public Citizen's Comments to NHTSA's dockets

Child Restraint Systems

Cross Lander


Designated Seating Positions and Seat Belt Assembly Anchorages

Early Warning Database/Part 512 Secrecy Disclosure

Event Data Recorders

Frontal New Car Assessment Program

Fuel Economy Standards for Light Trucks

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

International Symbol Adoption

Kahane Safety, Weight and CAFE Report

New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)

NHTSA Report on Vehicle Compatibility (to read the report, click here)

NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Rulemaking Priorities

Reimbursement Prior to a Recall

Rollover - Dynamic Resistance Standard

Rollover - Roof Crush

School Buses and 15-Passenger Vans

Tire Performance Safety Standards

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems


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