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Even in the face of government data, manufacturers deny the risks of SUVs and pickups by manipulating data and blaming the victim

Government data, provided by NHTSA, shows that SUVs and pickups are much more risky than passenger cars and that rollover deaths of people in these vehicles are threatening to overtake all safety gains made in the past decade through increased belt use and the inclusion of air bags. U.S. auto manufacturers, who rely on these light trucks for almost all of their profits, have attempted to shield their culpability by manipulating data blaming the victims of these crashes.

Click here to read Public Citizen's "Cease and Desist" letter sent to Josephine Cooper, the President of the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers, asking her to stop blaming the victim.

Click here to read Public Citizen’s fact sheet on driver behavior that discusses why blaming the victims of crashes for their behavior is both inappropriate and inaccurate.

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