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Poorly designed airbags injure and kill children

Some automakers did not originally design airbags to protect the lives of children and, as a result, cutrate, improperly designed airbags have killed at least 129 children. Airbags need not be deadly though-- some automakers designed airbags properly from the beginning, and those airbags have not caused a single serious injury or death-- ever.

Although Congress passed legislation in 1998 to force automakers to construct airbags that protect small-statured women and children through the implementation of "advanced airbags," the industry has hindered the process of making this law an auto safety reality by convincing the government to lower the speed at which crucial airbag tests are performed. Public Citizen has challenged the industry-tainted government standards on advanced airbags and is urging the courts to hold the government to the intent of Congress.

Click here to learn more about Public Citizen's work on advanced airbags.
Click here to see the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's page on kids and airbags to learn more about the problems associated with children and airbags and what you can do to prevent harm.
Click here to read "Carmakers Profit from Delay," a USA Today article by Joan Claybrook about airbags and children.

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