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Maine Trucking Plan

Plan to Open Maine I-95 Above Augusta to Overweight Tractor-Trailer Rigs Will Endanger Public Safety and Infrastructure

Click here to read our press release.
Click here to read a statement by Public Citizen's President Joan Claybrook.
Background Documents
Fact Sheets:

(9/12/06) Fact Sheet on 100,000-Pound Trucks in Maine: Maine Families Will Pay with Their Lives and Their Wallets


(7/14/06) Izer letter to Cole, July 14, 2006, comparing fact and fiction on Maine trucks

(8/15/06) Maine DOT's response to Steve Izer, Aug. 15, 2006

(9/12/06) Izer response to Cole, Sept. 13, 2006

(9/13/06) Letter from Safety Advocates to Maine Governor


(9/12/06) Graphic: Size Difference Between Passenger Cars and 100,00-pound trucks


(9/13/06) Evidence of the Trucking Industry's Massive Lobbying Campaign in Maine


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