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Vehicles and Safety
Auto Safety: Innovative roof crush test proves you can buy vehicles that protect you in rollover crashes

Truck Safety: FMCSA asleep at the wheel when it comes to truck safety

Vehicles and the Environment
Fuel Economy: Public Citizen exposes Ford's flex-fuel farce

Vehicles and Your Right to Know
More Secrecy!: NHTSA's "early warning data" rule is a victory, but some information is still secret

Vehicles and the Consumer
Dealer Scams: Rip-Off Nation: Auto Dealers' Swindling of America

Hot Issues

April 30 - New federal roof crush standard falls short

Mar. 27 - Obama Administration’s Fuel Economy Standard Is Step in Right Direction but Leaves Plenty of Room for Improvement

Mar. 4 - California's Emission Standards

Dec. 18 - Groups Challenge Dangerous Rule That Dramatically Increases Working Hours for Professional Truck Drivers

Dec. 9 - In Exchange for Loans, Public Interest Should Be Detroit’s Top Priority

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