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dontgetrolledDon’t Get Rolled! On January 21, the Supreme Court rolled back a century of modest limits and ruled that corporations can spend as much money as they want in our elections. This cannot stand. Join our campaign to protest this decision and protect our democracy! Add your name right now to our petition for a constitutional amendment to keep corporations from taking over our democracy!

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Ask your senators to support real financial reform
Congress is considering legislation to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency to guard us against misleading and unfair credit cards, loans and mortgages. The big banks are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbyists and public relations firms to oppose real consumer protections. Your senators need to hear from you about the need for reform to rein in Wall Street and allow our economy to grow sustainably.

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Host a House Party, Get a Special Edition Battle in Seattle DVD
As a fun way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the activist victory at the WTO Ministerial in Seattle, we're helping organize educational house party screenings of the film "Battle in Seattle." Sign up to organize one - with at least 10 of your friends or family or for a larger school, union, church, or synagogue group - and we'll send you a free DVD copy of the film (starring Charlize Theron, Andre 3000, Woody Harrelson and more), plus a terrific action kit.

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Turn Around the WTO!
Ten years ago, activists shut down the WTO ministerial in Seattle to protest the devastating impact of the WTO's corporate globalization agenda. Now, big corporations are again pushing an expansion of the WTO's power. Sign our petition to President Obama urging him to deliver on his campaign promises to fix our failed trade policy, including a turnaround of the WTO.

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Urge your representative to cosponsor the TRADE Act!
H.R. 3012, the TRADE Act, delivers on the broad public expectation that Congress and Obama will forge a new trade policy that creates jobs, ensures import safety and fixes past damaging agreements like NAFTA, as they have promised. The TRADE Act was introduced for 2009 with 106 cosponsors. If you can help get your House member signed onto the TRADE Act, you can further build the momentum towards a new trade agenda.

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